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AutoCAD Civil 3D (Updated 2022) ✅


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Software Features

Features of AutoCAD include:

Drawing and editing of 2D graphics (lines, arcs, polygons, splines, circles, paths, text, and dimensions);

Export of 2D graphics to other programs (other CAD programs, other Autodesk software, PDF, SVG, DXF);

Design of surfaces and solids, such as walls, columns, beams, doors, and roofs;

Design and editing of 3D space, using either perspective or orthographic projection (polyhedron);

Collaborative design with the ability to have multiple users work on the same drawing, sharing work in progress and discussing changes in real time;

Geometric transformation of graphics to align shapes and edges (mathematical function) and rendering of complex graphics and 3D drawings using vector graphics;

Working with linked files (a database where all linked files are saved, automatically maintaining their links);

Creation of references to other drawings (points, lines, arcs, etc.) by annotating drawings;

Creation of mathematical expressions, such as dimensions and area;

Creation and editing of 2D bar codes, and text labels;

Drawing of 2D and 3D images and video.

AutoCAD History

In 1980, Autodesk purchased the company that had developed the Banta plotter for use with the Autocad software, which was available to select users. The name Autocad was then used to market the new CAD program. In 1981, Autocad for the first time was available on mainframes. In 1982, the first version of AutoCAD was introduced for desktop applications. In 1983, Autocad went to the Apple II (Apple 1984, «Computer can do anything») platform. In 1984, Autocad for the first time was available on minicomputers. In 1985, Autocad went to the PC (IBM 1985, «It does what a computer should») platform. In 1987, AutoCAD went to the Macintosh (Apple 1987, «It just works») platform. In 1987, AutoCAD went to the DOS (Microsoft 1987, «It’s in the box») platform. In 1988, Autocad was introduced for the X11 (Xerox 1988, «It’s designed by humans») platform. In 1991, AutoCAD went to the Mac OS X (Apple 1991, «It’s a really good operating

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Design objects

Design objects are software-based’modelling bricks’ that the user adds to the screen, allowing him to make an element on which he then defines the design of a part. Unlike an application, the design object remains separate from the drawing and thus is a separate and reusable entity. There are several design objects available: brick, group, marker, profile, shape, and surface. Design objects are useful for creating and editing complex designs and are a basic building block of many object-based CAD systems.

AutoCAD Crack Free Download is designed to be a maintenance-free product. It features a built-in interface for exchanging drawing information and seamlessly updating drawings that have not been opened in a long time. Maintainability is enhanced by the use of design objects, which are similar to building blocks, and by its ability to handle highly complex drawings quickly and with ease.

The product can be scaled up or down automatically, all objects can be dragged and moved freely and reused across a drawing, there are sophisticated locking features that can lock parts of the drawing so they do not get in the way of the user (for example, parts that do not exist cannot be edited in the drawing). When a drawing is open, the drawing can be kept in draft mode or in final mode, which automatically updates the drawing at intervals.

Users may be able to define their own commands or shortcuts for use in place of others.

Some models are not produced in mass-customized forms in the same way as mass-produced goods. For example, house plans, which may be produced in hundreds of designs, are not produced in standardized forms, with architectural features such as windows and doors being determined by individual drawing requirements. This is known as parametric modeling.

Every layer is a physical view of the drawing that is easily adjustable, and supports importing and exporting to other applications.

AutoCAD offers standard and 3D modelling tools and an array of drawing, annotation and presentation tools.

The standard content includes:

3D modeling tools
2D drafting tools
Tools for creating and editing text, tables and web pages

3D modeling tools:

2D drafting tools:


AutoCAD Architecture
AutoCAD Architecture is a version of AutoCAD that focuses on architectural drafting. Architectural and engineering types of drawings are most frequently done using the architectural and engineering components of AutoCAD.

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Go to “Addons > License”
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Activate the licence and then start the application.

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License Activation in Autocad 2010

After activation of your licence, you will find the licence on your license page. You will also find the licence key in the addons menu after you open Autocad.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

The following markup formats are supported. Use the “Markup Import” dialog box to choose the desired format for the imports.

* Rich text, including paragraph styles

* Text notes

* Text (Lists, Slides, etc.)

* Linked text

* Global style text

* Ribbon commands (macro/UI)

* Page Screenshot or Screenshot of a PDF page

* Layers and annotation (interact with imported layers and annotations)

* Date/time stamps

* Footage

* Pivot points

Layers and annotations are implemented. If you click on an imported layer or annotation while it is selected, you can now edit it.

Automatic detection and replacement of deprecated constants and other issues.

Automatic import of parts

Generate parts by importing a 3D model from CAD2CAM.

Graphical annotations

Attach graphical annotations to a feature of a file or a model. Use a single click to display an annotation to any part, and when editing a feature, you can quickly switch to the drawing.

New link features

New Link Features.

Link between models.

Link between layers.

Link between features.

Link between layers and model elements.

Link between layers and annotations.

Link between features and layers.

Linking a feature to multiple layers


Colors and styles are no longer rendered in the link.

There is now a layer for hyperlinks that shows only the hyperlink.

Hyperlinks are now more stable. If a link is edited by adding text, it will no longer disappear.

Link Preview is enabled or disabled depending on the current selection

Selection options

You can now select between Flush and Intersect options for layer selection

Deleting a selection

New Transparency options.

You can now define a threshold in the Transparency panel. If the drawing is displayed with transparency, it is now possible to define the transparency color for the underlying drawing.

Reset all colors to the default values.

Drawing example:

Color – Transparency – Reset to Defaults

Navigation commands

Drag and drop enhancements

With Drag and Drop you can now quickly add new images to a current drawing. You can now drag and drop

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Changes since 1.0.8:
Version 1.1.0
• Added the first of two new PvP bonus items (with second coming soon): the Quartermaster’s Basic Greaves.
Version 1.1.1
• Added the option to disable yellow “test” textures, as well as “purple” rain particle effects.
Version 1.1.2
• Improved the appearance of the new Elite Tier 5 Kinsler Pathfinder.
Version 1.1


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