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Autodesk Inventor Professional 2020 Crack [VERIFIED] Download HERE ! ⏩

Autodesk Inventor Professional 2020 Crack [VERIFIED] Download HERE ! ⏩


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RESTeasy: How to configure Ressources in json format?

i am currently testing a RESTeasy service and i am using json as output format.
It works fine so far. However i have a general question concerning the resources mappings.
I would like to have my repository as well as my service class as REST resources and i am wondering: Do i have to provide my data as json arrays or is it possible to provide it in normal java classes?
Some Code to illustrate my question:
public class TestResource extends ResourceSupport{
private static final Logger LOG = Logger.getLogger(TestResource.class);

public List getTestData(){
List ret = new ArrayList();
ret.add(new Test(«Hello», «world»));
return ret;

public class TestService implements ITestService{

private static final Logger LOG = Logger.getLogger(TestService.class);

public List createTestData(Test test) {

return null;

public Test getTestDataById(@PathParam(«id») String id) {

return null;



AutoCAD | 3Dsmax | Autodesk ANSYS | MAYA | DEPENDS ON WHICH ONE YOU WANT. .By way of example, FIG. 1 shows a 3D-CT sectional view of a patient 100, whose blood circulates in a patient’s body for diagnostic purposes, which comprises a patient arm A, a patient hand H and a detector head E. The detector head E includes an X-ray device (X-ray source and X-ray detector) and a C-arm in order to allow a 3D-CT scanning of the patient.
The term “3D-CT” is used to refer in particular to a rotation-based CT scanning technique, also referred to as a “CT angiography” method or a “CT blood flow analysis” method. Such a technique enables the reconstruction of blood stream imaging and/or blood flow imaging. The blood flow imaging is of great importance for the diagnosis and evaluation of arterial and/or venous circulation problems. During a 3D-CT scan of a patient’s blood stream, the X-ray source emits an X-ray radiation of a predetermined level. In the course of the rotation of the patient, the X-ray radiation is absorbed at different absorption rates in the patient’s tissue. X-ray radiation, which is absorbed in a tissue, generates a characteristic X-ray radiation. The characteristic X-ray radiation is projected onto the X-ray detector, which is connected to a display device. The display device displays the absorption rates of the X-ray radiation in the tissue of the patient. The absorption rates of the X-ray radiation form the basis for the determination of the blood stream imaging. This blood stream imaging is displayed on the display device for example as a moving (movie-like) image.
The X-ray source and the X-ray detector are typically rotating about the patient. Thereby the patient moves on a supporting table and the detector rotates with the X-ray source. Therefore it is typical that also the C-arm rotates together with the detector.
Generally, the blood stream imaging of a patient takes place in three successive phases, a pre-contrast imaging, an arterial phase imaging and a venous phase imaging. In a first phase, the X-ray radiation is emitted with a known level and the patient is scanned. In a second phase, the X-ray radiation intensity is increased and the


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