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AVG PC TuneUp 19.1.995

AVG PC TuneUp 19.1.995



AVG PC TuneUp 19.1.995

Windows 7 Theme.
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Daily Suggestions for Your Home PC. was excited to use the new and cheap E22 and have my first go at one (without a flash). The E22 is still learning its way. I have to make sure I don’t take too many shots on the full moon during January, when light levels are at their lowest.

Wednesday, 17 January 2012

Normally I’d introduce you to the camera that I use, but that is not necessary for this project, I just want to give you an idea of the process of creating something from scratch. I am seeing how much time it is going to take to create some stuff. Recently I had some time off to work on my own projects, which I will tell you about in a later post.

The first thing I had to do was to decide which design I wanted. I’m planning on working in a similar style to the work of a lady, and gave this lady her name (Martina Valentino) as a starting point. I don’t know her, but I think her style is great! The design will be printed onto waterproof fabric which will have a draw string for pulling it through a washing machine with the garments.

I started by thinking about which colour I wanted. I wanted it to be something that would stand out from the background. For this reason it has to be something similar to blue, but not so similar to blue that the colour would look completely faded on the fabric.

I think I decided on Fuschia red.

I think my actual design will change as I draw up my first sketch (and hopefully run with it) but this is my initial vision.

This is the first sketch I created in CorelDraw and then printed out on to a photocopy of my design.

As you can see the red colour is a bit faded, but I think it is still quite bright.

I spent quite a lot of time printing out this design. I couldn’t really decide how large to print it out so I printed it out twice and then put them together to see how it would look. I think it looked quite good.

My plan was to put it on to a piece of paper and trace it with a pencil, then use the pencil sketch to work out the design of the fabric.

I made a bit of progress in tracing the design into my sketch.

I started cutting


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