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Fsx Demo Time Limit __HOT__ Crack.rar

Fsx Demo Time Limit __HOT__ Crack.rar


Fsx Demo Time Limit Crack.rar


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Remove «}» from String[]

I need to remove the «}» from the string [1],[2],[3],[4],[5]\{«}
Because I am using JSONArray and and I cannot concatenate it to the string.
Thanks a lot!


It looks like you are attempting to create JSON?
If so, you can use the JSONObject.fromObject method:
String str = «[1],[2],[3],[4],[5]\{«;

JSONArray arr = new JSONArray(str);
//de-serialize to JSON.

String jsonObject = arr.toString(2);

JSONObject json = new JSONObject(jsonObject);

if(json!= null) {
// you now have a JSONObject
JSONArray array = json.getJSONArray(«array»);
JSONArray list = array.toArray(new String[array.length()]);


JSONObject.toString(int arrayIndex)
Creates a string that represents the data stored in the designated object.
Returns a string that represents this JSONObject.
Returns a printable, string representation of this JSONObject. The string has
backslash (\) characters surrounding the array indexes that were in the source
JSONObject. If the optional root member is specified, it is included in the
result as a member with a name equal to value, and its array index is
correspondingly surrounded by square brackets.

Using the above JSONObject you can create a new JSONArray from the String:
String[] jsonString = new String[] { «[1],[2],[3],[4],[5]\{» };

JSONArray arr = new JSONArray(jsonString);

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