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Landairsea Past Track Software Download VERIFIED ✊

Landairsea Past Track Software Download VERIFIED ✊


Landairsea Past Track Software Download

When you download the Past-Track software, a serial number is provided that can be found in the product window. The Serial Number (or unique ID) must be entered into the software at the time of installation to.


Landairsea Product:

Past Track Software

Release Date:




UPS Tracking Device Information

The UPS system packages, stores, distributes, and delivers items to customers on request. It is a reliable and efficient distribution method. Because of the security it offers, it is also used to package high-value items.

UPS Tracking Devices are fully tested, fitted to individual vehicles, and integrated with the UPS systems for logging and tracking via GPS. They have a field service contract that also enables them to be provided with a data terminal at or around the point of installation. In a vehicle, these devices must be equipped with an AC or DC 12 V power supply.

This device will be shipped to your Amazon address under the listing you place on this order form.

UPS Tracking Devices have the following features:

PCMCIA device to store its software

Shown as distinct individual entries on the past track screen

GPS position displayed

Logging of all events

GPS recording of distance travelled

User definable accuracy of positions

Edit out of range events

Route distances are displayed on route

Recording of all stops

Share GPRS data

Upload GPRS data to the Web

Logging and displaying of truck status

Logging and displaying of driver status

History of events

Save data and re-run data

Integrated with the UPS system

Sensor and beeper

Control device for beeper and sensor via GPRS

Send messages via GPRS

Monitor device via GPRS

Programmable home screen

Included software with the device

Prompts for data input

Files to be sent via GPRS

Network Status

SSID and Password

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