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Share your thoughts with us in the comments.[Comparative characteristics of the content of lysosomal phospholipids in the organs of mice under stress and sodium deprivation].
The content of phosphatidylinositol, phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylcholine in the liver and spleen cells was measured in mice under stress. It was shown that deprivation of sodium induces an increase of the content of phosphatidylinositol in the spleen cells. The content of phosphatidylserine in the spleen cells increases in rats under stress, on the contrary, in mice an insignificant decrease of its content was observed. The content of phosphatidylcholine in the spleen cells increases in mice under stress, while in rats under stress the content of this phospholipid decreased.Origin and morphology of two types of mono- and binucleated resting lymphocytes in the spleen.
In this study we defined and characterized two subsets of mononucleated and binucleated lymphocytes found in the spleens of mice. The smallest mononucleated cells had an average diameter of 8.9 micron (n = 889). The largest had an average diameter of 13.6 micron (n = 1074). Eighty-five percent of the mononucleated cells measured between 9 and 11 micron in diameter. Ninety-three percent of the binucleated cells (average diameter 11.4 micron) were smaller than the mononucleated cells. Binucleated cells larger than 12 micron (1%) were rarely observed. In contrast to the usual description, large nucleoli were found in these cells. A population of binucleated cells with condensed chromatin (58%) was also observed. Morphologically, these cells were similar to the large nucleolar mononucleated cells in which the nucleus was in contact with the cytoplasm. Large nuclei (41%) and cells with multiple nuclei (59%) were infrequently observed. These unique resting mononucleated and binucleated cells contribute to the morphologic heterogeneity found within the lymphocyte population in normal spleen.A recent resurgence of smoking in men after the introduction of plain packaging has led to concerns that plain packaging is promoting more permissive attitudes towards smoking in young men. We used the International Tobacco Control Survey to analyse changes in men’s attitudes towards smoking and smoking’s social acceptability over 20 years. We found that public


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