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Miss Junior Nudist Pageant Pics !LINK!

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Miss Junior Nudist Pageant Pics

the weekend in question, it was Elderberry’s turn. «We have a tradition of picking elderberries that we do on the first of May,» said Jean.

In the past, they’ve always let Elderberry do all the work herself. In the evenings, she would look for the Elderberry after they put the younger children to bed. «I would just pick them on the ground and put them in our glass jars with water,» said Jean.

But this year the Elderberry was staying in their front yard. So Elderberry’s husband, Jerry, decided to come along.

«Every year, I pick the elderberries for the whole family,» he said. «And we don’t want to tell them that we’re telling them what we want them to pick. So I’m just picking what I pick, and I’m not going to tell them.»

Elderberry’s daughters were surprised to see their dad with a basket and asked for a hand picking. But Jerry had his own solution for the younger kids. «I tell them that I’m picking for them to pick,» said Jerry.

«I’m just going to just pick the ones that are over there.» Elderberry gave the jar to her dad and put her basket of berries on the ground.

«Oh, there’s some berries over there,» said Jerry as he picked about a third of the berries that came off Elderberry’s basket. «I can’t leave ’em there. Somebody might get hurt.»

Elderberry picked all the berries that Jerry didn’t pick, and Jerry took that as a sign to leave the stuff where it was. «I’ve been picking elderberries for 40 years, and I’ve never put my thumb on a berry.»

Then Elderberry, her girls and her dad all picked another basket.

«Is that all you want?» Elderberry asks her father.

«No, I need a hand picking, too,» he said.

«Just me and the girls. We’re going to go pick, and I’ll put this in the driveway.»

Jerry really likes to pick elderberries. He’s been coming to Elderberry’s house for years, and every year, he has picked about the same amount.



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I liked the article so much that I bought one of the “dots.” I sat in my car for nearly an hour, waiting for the dot/dots to dry before I applied it. The wax took a couple of minutes to set, but when I pulled the mask off, the finish looked… different. The dot/dots were lighter than before, maybe a brighter orange. I like them better, but I’m not sure yet if I’ll wear them again.

On Thursday, I received the back of my Freedom Santa, telling me my gift was shipped and thanking me for my patience in the meantime. I was excited because I didn’t think I’d get it until December. I’d hoped it might arrive a bit sooner.

The gift was awesome, so awesome I really don’t know how to describe it. Something about it is a bit funny/odd, in a good way. It’s not uncomfortable or something that would put me to sleep–it’s hilarious! I just received my gift today, so I’m not sure if I’ve figured it out just yet, so I’ll give you my first reaction when I come up with something.

I ordered my gift on December 24 at 1:43 am, so it didn’t arrive until December 29. I was told it would get here today, December 29. I’


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