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Sherry 1.3 GMA3150 32bit Fix2.719

Sherry 1.3 GMA3150 32bit Fix2.719


Sherry 1.3 GMA3150 32bit Fix2.719


Probably you want to use a window that is not transparent, so the user is sure you are really executing the window. You can open it in the Windows Task Manager for example and set the «transparent background» value to true.
For example:


ASP.NET MVC NumericTextBox validation issue

I have a view where I have a numeric textbox where the user can only enter positive integers. This is part of the Telerik Client MVC components. The validator sends an email notification if the value is out of range (but not if the value itself is out of range).
When the page first loads, there is no validation on the textbox. If the user enters a negative integer, the page doesn’t throw any errors and the form POSTs to my controller which checks if the value is correct, then saves it. The problem I have is that the value posted back to the controller is the last value entered and so I get the error I want to prevent.
I’m also doing some unit tests to ensure my validation works, but my test method looks like this:
[TestMethod] [Description(«Test Save Value»)] public void SaveValueTest()
var cust = new Customer{id = «123456789098765»,name = «John Smith», invoiceTypeId = 123};
var val = new NumericTextBoxValue() { value = 100 };

var result = cust.Save(val);


Is there any way I can test that the validation is working by ensuring that when the form is posted the value it is the correct value and not the last value entered?
I’m using Telerik.Core.MVC version 4.0


If I understand correctly the following attribute should do it:
[Range(null, null, ErrorMessage = «The value is too low»)]

The only problem is that it has no effect in the Telerik MVC components. I have


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