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Syarahkitabaqidatulawampdfdownload ~UPD~

Syarahkitabaqidatulawampdfdownload ~UPD~



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The tune will almost always end on a downbow or the notes will appear as the first notes of that downbow.


First of all, those are not just notes of the key (they’re the key itself). Keys are usually written as if they are major or minor, so you can also call them «key signature».
I think there are only two notes that would sound slightly «out-of-tune» on a piano. Pitches are relative to a specific frequency. The frequency of the lowest note is 1 cycle per second, higher frequencies are in multiples of 1/1000 or 1/2400. The lowest note is octave A1, every other note that is a whole step away, so A2, C3, G3, A4, D4, and so on. The most discordant note in the key is the highest one. From bottom to top: G4, C4, F4, B4, E4. As a reference pitch, they are all 1.2 octaves away. G4 is 1.0 octaves, C4 is 1.2 octaves, and so on.
The second slightly discordant note is the ninth note, the sharped A5. I guess it might be higher than a regular A. In most pitches, G5 is one step higher than G4. And C5 is higher than C4. A5 is a pretty low note on piano, probably about C3. I think, but the composer might be trying to sound like a harpsichord.
So the two notes are in E and E, but why E? I don’t know. I guess the composer may have been using 5th pitch, but only on a harpsichord.
If there’s another note that fits into the key, then that note becomes the «dominant». The «non-dominant» is the note that is a whole step higher. Those are the C and B, so they will sound much more dissonant than the G and A. C is 1.1 octaves higher than G, B is 1.2 octaves higher than A. But I’m not sure why they are a higher note than the A. Maybe it’s just a brief flourish, but if they were meant to sound dissonant, they shouldn’t be a tonic that


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