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I am trying to connect via Putty to an Ubuntu Machine. I get the following error.

Whats up Guys this is a long explanation. My friend and I are using PuTTY to try and connect to Ubuntu Server to check the temperatures.
I have set the Server port to 2222. I have also set the Server Windows port to 2223.
PS: I am using a laptop that has windows 10 on it.


I believe the issue is because your server is not listening on 2222.
You need to configure your server to listen on 2222 on the public interface.
You could also just use a SSH client that listens for connections on 2222 on the public interface.


By default, SSH clients expect to be connecting to localhost, so they will not connect to a remote server.
You can configure SSH clients to listen for connections on any interface, but you would need to configure them to use that interface.

A woman who was carrying a baby and her partner have died from injuries sustained in a car crash in northwest England.

Police said the couple were believed to have been on their way to work together in Kent when the crash happened at around 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

Police are continuing to investigate. (Bristol Evening Post)

«This has been a tragic incident and our thoughts are with the family of those involved,» said police.

The car involved in the collision drove off the road and into a hedge, coming to rest on its roof.

The occupants of the car were taken to hospital with serious injuries.

The couple’s baby was in the car at the time, but was not injured.Q:

Determine if a string is ASCII

I’m trying to write an isAscii() function to check if a char string is ascii/printable. I need to recurse through all the chars in the string.
This is the code I have so far, which is surprisingly not working. Please help.
bool isAscii(string string_input){
return true;
else if(string_input[0


How to detect malicious/harmful and interesting links using nutch and pre-trained Google SEO Headers. In this process you are able to write SEO Friendly Url text in your HTML which will be easily indexed by the search engine. In this post, I will share best practice to check web page URL for SEO friendly text.


You are required to have enough information about the page content. You have to store the original link if you want to compare it. You can use git or your own text editor to save it. For example, I have used NOTEPAD.

Installing Nutch:

Use Homebrew (for OSX) or command line (for Linux) as it is recommended by the author of Nutch. In this post, I am using Homebrew. Download the latest Nutch from Official download page. Unzip the downloaded files and use the following command to install Nutch:

brew install nutch —with-jars=/usr/local/Cellar/nutch/1.6/libexec/nutch/lib —with-jars=/usr/local/Cellar/nutch/1.6/libexec/nutch/lib

Go to your Nutch home directory and run the following command to start the web crawler and store the link and content of the page:

bin/nutch index URL-TO-CRAWL

This will start crawling on the specified page. You will get your crawled URL as the below output. You can stop crawling using this command:

nutch stop

You can set the crawling speed using the slow-down argument. For example, setting —slow-down-limit=100 means crawling will be 100% slower than default. You can set the memory limit for searching and indexing text using the —max-memory argument:

bin/nutch index URL-TO-CRAWL —slow-down-limit=100 —max-memory=50g —max-processing-time=10000

This is the default settings.

Extracting Original Link using Nutch Index:

Nutch provides a plugin for extracting the text from the web page and storing it as file in your home directory.

bin/nutch extract URLs —url file/url.txt —file file/url.txt

The text file will be stored as urls.txt with data in below



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