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The only team that is consistently getting major benefits from their limited spending is the Pistons. Every single major upgrade to the roster came via free agency, and every major upgrade to the roster can be be traced back to the max cap. Of course, this isn’t money spent for nothing. They are giving up 2.1 points per 100 possessions and posting a net rating of -2.0.

That said, their top three wins (and two of their best four) come against New Orleans and Phoenix. Detroit’s regular season schedule will be a challenge. Their road to an 8th seed and beyond likely lies with a strong home record.

Stock Rising

Isaiah Thomas (42.5% owned)

Marcus Smart (39.2% owned)

Chris Paul (25.8% owned)

Sergio Romero (3.0% owned)

12/28 vs. Orlando (15% owned)

12/29 vs. New Orleans (16% owned)

Losses to Memphis (6% owned) and Boston (6% owned)

Against the Mavs, the 76ers lost because of a sloppy play from Embiid. In the 2nd half, the 76ers had four players that combined for four turnovers.

The Celtics lost because of Kadeem Allen’s absence. The Cavs had an.800+ O-Rating without Kadeem Allen on the floor. With him, their point differential flipped from +2.8 to -2.4.

The Cavs are still reeling from injuries.

It isn’t ideal to get Klay Thompson back, but it is a good sign. Klay is an amazing talent, and his presence is crucial for the Warriors’ success.

Unfortunately, Thompson’s return could come at the expense of a few other Warriors players. My first three picks of Klay-tating are Andre Iguodala, Nick Young, and Isaiah Thomas. While his time of shot in the corner will certainly be something that Thompson was able to do quite well, he is likely to be a better perimeter shooter and defender.

Klay’s return will also be a blow to his team’s title hopes, as is evident with the minutes that are coming his way. At 38.6%, he is


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It’s a matter of relative frequency and the cost to proofread. More specifically, it’s easier to see a relative frequency count of true versus true and (easy) versus true or, since it’s harder to see the difference between and versus and, that difference in difficulty more than balances out the frequency difference, and makes for easier proofreading.
The practical reason for its existence is that it’s easier to find true than true and.


It is just a convention.
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